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Asparagus on a cloth


By On 20 Apr 2013

A picture I made last asparagus season. Camera: Canon 5D Lens: 50mm f/1.4 @ 5.6… Read More


I love artichokes

By On 16 Apr 2013

It is a hell of a job to clean but it is worth it. And they are very photogenic too!… Read More

A jar with wild garlic pesto

Pesto made of wild garlic

By On 10 Apr 2012

Here in Austria people make a lot of kinds of pesto. Some include most of the traditional ingredients like basil or pine nuts, others are completely different. But mostly they are green and… Read More

Wild garlic soup with sour cream

An easy to make and delicious wild garlic soup recipe

By On 27 Mar 2012

On of the few dishes I always make when the wild garlic season starts is soup. You can use any kind of stock for it, but I use most of the time… Read More

Photo of Philips HR7781 food processor

Philips HR7781 “Robust collection” food processor

By On 06 Mar 2012

One of the things that is on my wishlist for a very long time is a proper food processor. One that can make dough, chop herbs, slice cucumber etc. I have to… Read More

Wild garlic in the forest

Wild garlic: a delicious wild herb available in early spring

By On 03 Mar 2012

When the winter comes to its end, the desire for the spring to come becomes stronger and stronger. The snow melts, tiny little green leaves pop up the ground. It’s wild garlic,… Read More


Traditional Austrian spiced hot mulled wine

By On 01 Dec 2011

Hot mulled wine is the main drink on the Christmas markets spread around Germany and Austria. The german name is “Glühwein”, literaly translated: “Glow wine”. And that is exactly what it does,… Read More


Warm potato and pumpkin salad

By On 24 Oct 2011

This salad is made from 2 of my favorite ingredients. Yes, you guessed it right, potatoes and pumpkins. Where I am from in Holland most of the people think the potato is… Read More

Picture of a Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin soup

By On 07 Aug 2011

When the end of the summer comes nearer, the pumpkins appear on the markets in Vienna. This year they are actually quite early. Yesterday I already saw some hokkaido pumpkins for sale… Read More