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More rocks in Waldviertel

Rocking stones Bad Traunstein

By On 22 Mar 2015

Like every year, spring has arrived again. The temperatures here in Vienna are at the moment around 15 degrees when the sun shines. Perfect weather to go outside and explore the beautiful… Read More

Movovun on the hill

Istria, the Tuscany of Croatia

By On 11 May 2014

Last week it was time for a small trip again. We decided to go to Motovun in Istria, because we haven’t been in Istria before. Motovun is a village that lies on… Read More

DC Tower 1 and cranes

Donau City Vienna

By On 19 Oct 2013

The DC Tower 1 is almost finished, so i went there to make some pictures. The morning sun creates quite some contrast that really adds a lot of detail, what I really… Read More


Hiking up the Schöpfl

By On 13 Oct 2013

It is autumn, my favourite season! The trees look great, the weather (can be) is amazing and there is plenty of fresh food ready to be picked in the forest. Today we… Read More


Waldviertel 2013

By On 21 May 2013

Last weekend we went for some day to the Waldviertel, one of the 4 parts of Lower Austria. We stayed in Raabs an der Thaya and from there we drove to different… Read More


Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

By On 12 May 2013

Because of the bad weather today, I decided to visit the Museum of Art History (or Kunsthistorisches Museum) in Vienna. I was there once before for a boring exposition in 1 room,… Read More


Funken am himmel 2013

By On 28 Apr 2013

This year I was for the first time at the event Funken am Himmel. A “Funken” is a tradition from the Austrian region Vorarlberg, and it is organized in the beginning of… Read More

Sunset in Vis, Croatia

Croatian sunsets

By On 28 Apr 2013

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Various oldtimers

Oldtimer collage

By On 23 Apr 2013

Most of these pictures I took in Spilimbergo, Italy during an oldtimer event. The top left photo I shot (with my phone) in Vis, Croatia. My idea is to buy frames for… Read More

Setagayapark Vienna waterfall

Setagayapark in Vienna

By On 21 Apr 2013

Today I visited the Setagayapark in the 19th district of Vienna. The park is created in 1992 by the Japanese garden designer Ken Nakajima. The garden has a well, a pond, little… Read More