Celebrating Christmas in Vienna

By On 13 Nov 2011

Yesterday the most commercial, but also atmospheric season of the Year started again. Yes, I talk about Christmas. The lights of the large Tree in front of the Rathausplatz are lit. Even… Read More


A foggy autumn day in Vienna

By On 01 Nov 2011

Today it is All Saints, and in Austria this is an official day off. The weather forecast for today said that it would be foggy in the morning with the sun coming… Read More


Warm potato and pumpkin salad

By On 24 Oct 2011

This salad is made from 2 of my favorite ingredients. Yes, you guessed it right, potatoes and pumpkins. Where I am from in Holland most of the people think the potato is… Read More

Picture of a Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin soup

By On 07 Aug 2011

When the end of the summer comes nearer, the pumpkins appear on the markets in Vienna. This year they are actually quite early. Yesterday I already saw some hokkaido pumpkins for sale… Read More